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Stepping Stones for Veterans, Inc. where the goal is to help Veterans.  When the Veteran arrives we do a personal needs assessment.  From there you can follow the process:


Check-in and needs assessment.

When a veteran first comes to our facility he or she may decide to wait to make a commitment to a program until gaining confidence in our concern for his or her needs.  This process can take several days.  Some residents have had negative experiences in other treatment facilities and may commit to program only after being sure we are safe, clean and professional.

THE SECOND STEP:               

Short-Term Hospitality (I) 1-3 days.

One to three days of residential housing, is provided for veterans who only want temporary housing long enough to find gainful employment and/or housing elsewhere.  Veterans in Short-Term Hospitality receive prepared meals, and hygiene supplies.  This veteran then has an option of extending his stay by entering the 1st Phase Recovery Program.

Short-Term Hospitality (II) 4 weeks.

Any veteran in Short Term Hospitality who has employment is given 4 weeks time to collect his first pay from an employer and find housing.  This client will be expected to give 8 hours of service to the facility each week of his employment and attend 3 meetings per week.  This veteran may also enter 1st Phase Recovery Program but must commit to the 45 day program.


First Phase Recovery (Steps 1-3,  45 days)

All veterans who choose to enter the recovery program will begin with the First Phase Recovery Group.  This is a 45 day introduction to the 12-step program utilizing Steps 1-3.  The commitment to begin recovery requires a veterans to live at Stepping Stones until he has completed 1st Phase Recovery.  Upon completion of 1st Phase Recovery, the veteran is eligible to enter 2nd Phase Recovery or transfer to Long-Term Hospitality for up to one year.


Second Phase Recovery (Steps 4-12, 6 months)

Veterans who choose to enter 2nd Phase Recovery will have six months to continue their 12 step process and then choose 3rd Phase Recovery or transfer to Long-Term Hospitality.

If a client chooses employment during 2nd Phase Recovery, he must show proof of employment, submit a weekly schedule, discuss budgeting with staff and follow the guidelines for paying program fees.


Third Phase Recovery (3-4 months)

Veterans who choose to enter 3rd Phase Recovery will be given 4 to 5 months to  prepare for Transitional Living at the Stepping Stones.  This involves the development of a mentor relationship with a mature male to be free from chemical addictions, to find gainful employment and display the ability to responsibly handle a financial budget.  This veteran may also choose to transfer to Long-Term Hospitality.


Transitional Living (1 year)

At this stage a veteran has shown a lifestyle of growth and relative maturity.  He should display the character traits of a leader and must have successfully completed all other phases of Stepping Stones for Veterans.  He must be gainfully employed with an understanding that staff will continue to monitor the clients budgeting skills for another 6 weeks.  The client will have continued accountability with a staff member, and group participation. 


Long term Hospitality (Residential, up to 1 year)

Anytime after completing 1st Phase Recovery a resident may decide to continue his residence at Stepping Stones for Veterans and either work with an employer outside the Mission.  Minimal participation in group meetings are required.  He must decide at the end of his stay to renew his commitment to recovery or exit Stepping Stones.